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Birth Story Listening

Birth Story Listening is an individual 90-minute online session. Where you will be held in a safe space to explore your Birth Story. Birth Story Listening Sessions have the power to bring positive change, awareness and healing for your Birth experience.


This is your story, this is your deeply personal, tightly held self. 

This is your rite of passage. 

The passage to becoming a mother. 

The passage of becoming who you are now. 

This passage is often held incomplete, in a sense of limbo, as unfinished business that can bring sadness, unrest and discontent, as it stays there, tightly held, deeply within your being. 

It may be pain, it may be joy, there may be elements of both and everything in-between. And for whatever reason – it just doesn’t feel right to tell it how it is. It doesn’t feel safe to share your absolute truth. With this, your opportunities for growth, for the development of greater strength and self-awareness, for becoming the woman you are destined to become, can lay dormant.

As you go about your new life, as you carry this weight, uncertainty and pain within you. As you push aside your feelings till a more appropriate time arrives. As you tell yourself – its ok, everyone says its ok… sometimes you stop and ask yourself – is it really…? 

You may have told no-one, you may have told everyone, you may have created a coffee table version, an adult only version, a family version, a friend’s version, a highlights reel or a lowlights reel.

I ask you now.

Have you felt like your story doesn’t really matter?

Have you felt that you don’t matter? 

Have you felt heard? 

If you’ve come this far, trust that you are in the right place, that this is the medicine, the connection, the healing space your soul is searching for. 

Get in touch now. I look forward to meeting you and holding space for you soon. 


Love, Blessings & Appreciation 



Personally endorsed by Pam England, Birthing from Within

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“The truth is, in order to heal,
we need to tell our stories and have them witnessed…The story itself becomes a vessel that holds us up, that sustains, that allows us to order our jumbled experiences into meaning.”
Sue Monk Kidd


Amber Curby 

I was excited going into the session, for a long time now I have wanted to voice my story and have felt that there is a huge gap in the system, where the opportunity to speak about my births in a debriefing kind of way just isn’t available. I was surprised at how candid and honest I was when speaking with Daniella, I believe this is testament to her welcoming and nurturing self. I wasn’t expecting to feel so comfortable during the session, and through Daniella’s facilitation. I wasn’t expecting to have the deep connection that I had with myself whilst telling my story.

Daniella gently guided me and held space for me to ask myself questions and make self-actualisations in a way that made me feel safe and heard. It’s amazing how what came out in the session tapped into so many other areas of my life and how I have been able to use these discoveries and tools in so many ways. I have felt so much more peace with this part of myself since the session and really appreciated Daniella’s follow up a few weeks later.  I would recommend this service to anyone and everyone.

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Pam England -Birthing from Within

I listened in on your call this morning. You are brilliant, warm, steadily leading her forward throughout the session…..This was one of the most touching birth stories I've heard. It moved me so deeply. Thank you for being there for her as you were. You have truly integrated the essence and philosophy of this process and will help so many recover their scattered bones and soul.

Love Pam


Emma Sternburg - Holistic Kinesiology 

When you sit down with Daniella, you know that you can say anything. The space she holds is so warm that you naturally let go and you know that you are being held. You can feel that she genuinely wants to help you heal. Thank you Daniella, for all that you have done for me, in just a couple of hours with you I feel lighter and softer

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