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Dear Woman, a Letter to You

Dearest Woman,

How are you?  Are you being your own best friend?  What is a best friend anyway?


How’s your self-care program?

Really what does this all mean for you? 

Where are you?  Who are you? How are you feeling?

What do you need?

There are no right and wrong answers here – the only answers of value are those that ring true to you, that sing to your heart, a song that lulls your mind, body and spirit into the joy of being.

The only way to be truly there for others – is to be there for yourself first.

Every time.

Stay there, be there, nurture that connection. Nurture Your Mother Nature.

I am here for you, I am with you, holding sacred space for your growth, as you plant seeds here in your heart, in your mind, in your soul. As you shed your fears, cry your rivers, process your own being.


You need not do this alone. You are free to choose the support you desire, to unashamedly cry for help, to reach out, to be vulnerable, to touch your core, to be held as you do, no-one else can do this for you, you are unique, on your own journey, following your own path or loosing yourself in the shadows - both.


You are Woman Wild, roaming, searching to find.

You are the Love Warrior. You need your own space to free the masks from your face, to unshackle the chains of conditioning that become more apparent as you do your best to continue forward.

You need your own time to be, to feel your souls grace. To make the stand you’ve long desired, to lean into yourself, your feelings, to find your centre, to be in peace with yourself. The months fly by so quickly, yet the days and nights can feel so long.


I’m here for you. I want to tell you, its ok to trust “that” feeling.


Your intuition is so heightened.

Are you connecting to it?


Or are you restless, distracted, caught up in the thoughts of your mind and the changes in your life? Growing Pains can hurt, this is the nature of being human. As you create and allow healing for yourself, you do so for your child, your grandchildren, your



You honour your elders, your ancestors. Your healing brings life full circle.

To be wild and free to dare to be yourself, to nurture your mother nature. Let’s talk now.

Get in touch.


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