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Intuitive Coaching & Healing

Intuitive Coaching and Healing Sessions are a 90–minute online session appropriate for any stage of your journey, offering you the opportunity for reflection, insight, action and healing. 

As a certified life coach and tuned energy healer, these sessions are individually tailored to your needs. Allow me to hold space for you now, creating opportunities for healing as you allow

your love warrior to feel her way into the situation at hand.

We are all energy; it is only the vibration that varies. Learning to connect and flow with your life force to create health and vitality is an eternal journey. 


Chakra reading and clearing, reflective art, journaling, guided meditations, and distance reiki are some of the tools that can be included in your session. Distance Reiki is a powerful and life-changing service as we can connect to you and to situations in your life without the need for physical presence. Offering your personal situations for healing can manifest powerful shifts and insights leading to right action. Open-hearted listening, connection to self, faith, trust and action are called for as healing is an active force and you are the power that creates your life.


To book your session get in touch.

I look forward to meeting you and holding space for you soon. 

Love, Blessings & Appreciation.  


Kimmi Wilson


Daniella is a beautiful soul mentor who holds a sacred space for me to let down my guard and look deeply into who I am. She is highly intuitive & compassionate. During our sessions I have always felt safe, heard & respected. Daniella has helped me gain deep insight into many issues I’ve struggled with on my path for spiritual wisdom & personal growth. Her guidance and support is invaluable.


Kirsten Joyner

Pilates for Life

“I have been receiving Reiki healings with Daniella for 4 years now. Daniella is natural healer with an intuitive and understanding nature... a kind and beautiful soul.”​


Adriana Rios 

Mama Rewilded


Daniella is truly a soulful and gifted woman. I noticed this from the first time I saw her photo displayed for readings, then sitting with her, heart cracked open and tears in our eyes from such a powerful and sacred session. Our paths continue crossing like magic and now I consider her one of my soul sisters. I highly recommend this amazing woman’s presence!

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