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Birth Art Sessions

Birth Art Sessions are a powerful process of preparation for birth and mothering.

Birth Art is an individual 90-minute online session, where you will explore your inner landscape as preparation for labour and mothering. At this stage of your life you will be faced with steep learning curves, what do I need to know? Is a wonderful question, don’t assume - be curious - and enjoy the journey.

There is always more to learn, and the answers do lie within. That which you have hidden from yourself often presents at this vulnerable time of your life. Open the door and start the conversation, while being held in a safe and nurturing space.

There is no need to have experience in art, in our culture we commonly learn that art is reserved for the talented few. In traditional cultures making art is a way of life for all people, celebrating, commemorating, learning and teaching. Art connects us with both with our inner landscape and the oneness of being. 

This is your birth as a Newborn Mother, a time of massive transformation. Through Birth Art, the magic of the unknown is brought to light. Supporting your understanding while nurturing your inner growth, awareness, and deep intuitive knowing. These are your inner power tools, the ones you can rely on in your times of need. 

We can talk about the materials you will use when you get in touch to book your session. I look forward to meeting you and holding space for you soon. 

Love, Blessings & Appreciation


Sia Cox

I am completely blown away by my (birth-story listening and birth-art) sessions with Daniella. Though we haven’t known each other long, I feel genuinely seen by her, which is in itself powerful. She has a way of asking questions that draw out experiences currently most essential to process, though perhaps not at the front of one’s conscious mind. Her wisdom, insight and guidance help me to efficiently understand and process my experiences and from them, create meaning and strength. In the birth art sessions I love the way Daniella asks me a question and I somehow draw an answer, a map of what truly I need and want. Looking at my maps is helping me to find my way, and to recognise my destination when I find it. I always feel both inspired with new insights and calm after our sessions. The positive effects are deeply felt and my new perspective has been a game changer in daily life.
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