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Dear Woman, a Letter to You

Dearest Woman,


How are you?  Are you being your own best friend?  What is a best friend anyway?


How’s your self-care program?

Really what does this all mean for you? ​



& Healing

Intuitive Coaching and Healing Sessions are a 90–minute online session appropriate for any stage of your journey.

Offering you the opportunity for reflection, insight, action and healing. 

Birth Art


Birth Art Sessions are a powerful process of preparation for birth and mothering.


Birth Art is an individual 90-minute online session, where you will explore your inner landscape as preparation for labour and mothering. 

Birth Art


Embrace the power of Women, the power of Circle and the power of Creation.


Birth Art Circle is a 2-hour small group session hosted in person and online. 

Connect to your innermost self, to your higher self.

Birth Story

Listening Sessions

Birth Story Listening is an individual 90-minute online session, where you will be held in a safe space to explore your Birth Story.


Birth Story Listening Sessions have the power to bring positive change, awareness and healing for your Birth experience. 

Holding Sacred Space with Women 


You Are So Very Welcome Here 

This is your journey and I am honoured to hold and share this space with you now. The paths of pregnancy and postpartum are turning points in your life, times of rapid development and massive change.

Your mind, body, emotions and spirit are born to do this work – however, it was never intended that you should have to do this work alone. Women supporting women in community and unity is the tried and tested way of nurturing your mother nature.


I welcome you, I encourage you, I beg of you… Please - explore your options – to seek, to find and to engage the support that resonates with your nature, your beliefs, your lifestyle needs and desires.

We all have hopes, dreams and challenges. The most rewarding, enlightening and enabling action you can take during this part of your life, is to create a support team that shares yours. Wherever you are in your journey, today is the day to act – to put your needs first – nurturing your mother nature begins with you. This is the way of our culture now, it is up to us to create the way forward.

Let’s co-create the change we wish to see in our world, by consciously practicing the art of living, the art of being, the art of healing, the art of gentle - supported awakening, the growth of our Mother Nature’s will support the healing Mother Earth is calling for.


For generations past, present and future, for cultures, traditions and connections long lost, long buried. For the restoration of old, and the creation of new rituals, practices, ways of doing and being.


You are the power that creates your reality, you can choose to do your life, your way.  I’d love to meet you, to see you, to hear you, to walk by your side, to hold a space for you to feel free, to feel safe, to be true to you, to nurture your mother nature.


     Get in touch.  Daniella



Amanda Aloupis

  Daniella has been a great support to me since 2012 with helping me during a couple of pregnancies and being there for emotional and spiritual support. I have loved having Daniella by my side during this time. I highly recommend Daniella.


Adriana Rios

Mama Rewilded

Daniella is truly a soulful and gifted woman.... I highly recommend this amazing woman’s presence!


Cheree Sheldon - Nutritional Medicine

As a mum and a naturopath who focuses on Mothers and pregnancy support, I feel so aligned with Daniella's work, and thoroughly recommend her services.

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